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Pre and post trip price optimization delivers savings of up to 3% of total travel spend


Making your company’s travel spend go further is straightforward with our savings tools; pre and post-trip.

  • Pre-trip*, our price optimization tools capture price drops on already booked flight and hotel reservations. They uncover new savings opportunities and help even mature travel programs get more from their budget.
  • Post trip, we look for unused tickets; if a ticket is unused or partially unused, we seek a refund on your behalf. As many as 24% of unused or partially unused tickets go to waste, an average loss of USD $422 per ticket**

Jenine Wong 

Meet Jenine Wong:
With over ten years of industry experience, Jenine is focused on bringing product innovation to life. Connecting teams, she manages a diverse program of work across CWT product strategy and operations. Blending the best of people and technology to deliver the value of price optimization to thousands of clients..

Based in the UK, Jenine is passionate about travel. She loves to connect with people and with her strong organizational skills, leads from the front, collaborating across teams for successful outcomes.

* Pre-trip savings found pre-ticket for flight booking only and post-ticket from both hotel and flight..
** based on 2018 data, CWT France

Take a closer look at pre-trip optimization

Bottom-line savings on flights after booking but prior to ticketing. Using artificial intelligence (AI), pre-ticket optimization predicts airfare fluctuations. When the platform finds a booked flight reservation that is likely to decrease in price, it places a temporary hold on the booking until the optimal time to ticket, taking advantage of any relevant price drops. 

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Go beyond pure cost-cutting measures

Take a 360 degree approach to travel expense management

Don’t just trim around the edges; get value from everything you do. With a travel return on investment (ROI) approach, CWT offers you a suite of tools and processes that can deliver measurable savings for your program—empowering you to go beyond pure cost-cutting measures to embrace how travel affects your employees. Whatever your specific goals, we help you deliver real ROI through pre- and post-ticketing savings, powerful insights, and supplier and third-party expertise.

here are a few ways in which you can drive travel ROI

  • Reporting - Have the right reports with actionable insights to help you manage your travel program efficiently. 
  • Communication - At critical moments, provide your employees with information that helps them make the right choices within your travel program guidelines. 
  • Air fares and hotel rates - Combine fares and rates negotiated by your travel partner with your own negotiated deals and market rates to meet your company’s business goals while satisfying your employees’ need for choice and value. 
  • Specialist services - Use a travel consulting service to unlock travel program success. 
  • Advanced analytics - Identify new untapped opportunities for improvement. E.g HR, expense, booking, credit card data

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