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Improving your travel program with service quality feedback from employees

Listening to our customers is an imperative component of measuring service quality, which combined with other indicators, enables us to identify what we’re doing well and where we can improve. Like all things in quality management, we're constantly learning and revising our approach to gathering feedback and how we use it to drive continuous improvement in our services.

Meet Melanie Low:
We can trace back the origins of modern quality management principles to Henry Ford’s process and quality management practices used in the company’s production lines.

Melanie can trace her involvement in quality management to the beginning of her career and has dedicated 10 years of her working life to quality management at CWT. She is responsible for our Customer Care Teams overseeing the collection, evaluation and resolution processes of customer feedback.

Based in Singapore, Melanie is focused on feedback management process, ensuring all feedback contributes to the further improvement of customer experience and our services. She is passionate about closing the feedback loop and driving change as part of a continuous improvement cycle.

CWT Listens simplified

Sometimes we can’t anticipate the benefits of a new service or program until after the fact. Since implementing a new version of our voice of the consumer survey – Listens – we’ve identified improvements both in our service centers and more broadly in our customers’ travel programs that we didn’t anticipate.

The new survey replaced over thirty questions with two. These provide standard quality management indicators:

  • How likely your employees are to recommend CWT, measured through a net promoter score (NPS).
  • How satisfied are they with the quality of our services measured by a customer satisfaction score or CSAT

Additional commentary fields provide your employees with an opportunity to expand beyond the two questions if they need.

Non-disruptive results

As we launched the new simplified survey, we changed the moment at which we gather feedback. The survey is now sent just after a travel booking is made, as opposed to after the trip. This has the advantage of measuring satisfaction just after using our services, while their experience is fresh in their minds. Versus having their feedback influenced by their entire trip, which could have been disrupted in a multitude of ways outside of our control.

So what do we do with this data and how does it drive improvement?

  • Survey responses are reviewed and analyzed to identify improvement opportunities. We will call travelers for further feedback where appropriate.
  • Insights are shared internally with all the relevant CWT teams that drive the continuous improvement cycle. So far the data has helped us improve a range of services including the booking feature in the myCWT app and online booking tool set up.
  • The feedback is shared with the customer manager for discussion with our clients, where applicable. We’ve undertaken enhanced online booking tool training with a customer following a pattern of feedback.

Find out how we can help engage your employees with your business travel program.

Positive first reactions

The initial reaction to our revised Listens survey has been positive. Employees of pilot clients said they preferred the simplicity of answering only 2 questions, they support using NPS as a key indicator and they like the timeliness of the survey.

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