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Energy, resources and marine travel

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Getting people to remote parts of the world can be complex. For over 40 years, we've been dedicated to meeting the unique needs of customers in the energy, resources, and marine (ERM) industries. Our team of ERM experts is here to simplify your travel, whether it's for your transient business requirements or your crew site travel. You have all the benefits of CWT, combined with the expertise that comes from a specialized ERM team.

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What drives value to you

ERM Safety and Security

Meet your business goals

All the experts and data you need to make the right choices for your employees – from safety and security to sustainability and full trip cost visibility.

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ERM services

A simple experience

You need to move people to the farthest corners of the world seamlessly and securely. We’re making it simple, helping you get on with your business.

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Safety and security

Specialized ERM solutions

We specialize in assisting and planning all aspects of rotating workers, crew travel and personnel traveling to remote locations, helping you improve efficiency and simplify travel.

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Case studies


Powering resilience

Coordinating 24,000 room nights during storm recovery efforts.

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Savings of 35% in year one

Global travel program consolidation and reporting shows full visibility on spend and drives 35% savings in year one and 39% in the second.

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$1 million savings with ERM fares

Experience on ERM route deals and negotiated fares to manage crew changes and control project costs delivers $1 million savings.

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Industry Insights

Female trailblazers

2 CWT leaders share their experiences in the energy, resources, and marine sectors

Every seconds counts

When an incident strikes – time is critical.

What to do in an emergency?

From mine to mine

What we learnt about our mining customers.

Paul Dobson

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Supporting an industry that never sleeps

 “The complex operations of businesses within the oil, gas and energy sectors creates a challenging set of workforce travel requirements in often remote locations. I take care of our clients, offering an “always-on” management of their business travel operations.”

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