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COVID-19: is your company ready for the impact?

Some positive steps you can take for your company


CWT clients around the world continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak, wondering what they can do to respond to the impact on their business and travel programs. CWT cannot offer specific advice about travel restrictions, or policy changes, as those depend on the business realities for each individual organization and the specific health risks at a point in time.

We can share insights into what you can do to help minimize risks to employees and ensure your organization is ready to handle this, or any other, challenge.

What can you do to be ready?

Review your company’s safety and security policies immediately. CWT’s safety and security partner, International SOS, can help your policies support your strategy for travel in response to this outbreak.

International SOS (our global medical and security specialist partner), has introduced this no-cost resource and information portal. Also, for a limited time, CWT clients can subscribe to their Site Monitor technology (watch this video) to access deeper resources specific to COVID-19 and other global and regional health threats including:

  • Ongoing incident monitoring
  • Manager to-do lists (Playbooks)
  • Updated medical content
  • 30 minute live briefing session and an expert International SOS consultation

Now, more than ever, your employees need to book travel through preferred booking channels so you can identify affected groups quickly and efficiently.

Medical risks often aren’t discovered until after a trip is completed. When all bookings go through your preferred channels, CWT can help identify and alert employees potentially exposed to a medical risk, even if they’re already home.

Use AnalytIQs to identify bookings in high risk/high impact areas. You can provide ‘near real-time’ updates to your safety and security teams about what cities your employees have visited to identify any at-risk travelers. This enables your company to deliver accurate, upto-date information regarding impacted employees.

Program Messenger can help you automatically identify and communicate with employees who make bookings to impacted areas so you can send them specific guidance as appropriate. You can also use your online booking tool or myCWT home page to communicate critical information to all traveling employees, such as company guidance, safety and security instructions, or travel restrictions. As always, when your employees use the myCWT mobile app, they’ll get updated flight information and alerts.

If you decide to make policy changes, be sure to update CWT immediately so we can support your policy at all points of sale and accurately forecast resources needed.

For the latest information and resources about COVID-19, please visit the dedicated page on our website. As always, contact your Client Executive to learn more about CWT products and services to help you. We’re here to help your company adapt your travel program as needed for this dynamic situation and drive your business goals now and in the future.