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You can rely on us

Your Contingency planning

You can rely on us for effective contingency planning because we provide up to date news and intelligence to pre-empt problems. We provide 24/7/365 crisis support for you and your travelers.



Your evacuation plan

CWTERM24 is our dedicated emergency response center. We are there round the clock, throughout the year, whatever your needs. We look after everything, from large-scale oil rig evacuations, to expatriation and locating and assisting individual travelers around the globe. We work with safety and security experts, including International SOS to make sure you are always fully up to date.

Our thorough crisis management processes include emergency alerts, traveler tracking, evacuation and repatriation, as well as other crisis and risk management assistance all available for you. We also make sure your contingency planning is always up to date.

CWT offers a full suite of evacuation procedures, information and tools to increase your awareness of risks, improve communication, and locate travelers quickly in a crisis.


  • Continuous monitoring of global events, with 24-hour access to incident alerts
  • We contact clients with potentially affected traveling employees directly, to inform them about the incident and provide advice for their travelers
  • After an incident, we send regular updates as needed
  • Traveler tracking reports are available at myCWT online
  • We proactively work with third parties to arrange any evacuation assistance you may need, including rearranging accommodation and flights

Success stories

A leading integrated energy company needed to evacuate its employees from Iraq because of a developing perilous situation.

CWT ERM assisted by:

  • Working with the company to review their crisis evacuation plan
  • Evacuating 70 employees, with around-the-clock logistical and booking support
  • Arranging vehicle convoys and buses to safely drive the staff to Turkey when air travel was not viable


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