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CWT Connect: APAC Edition

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Tips for APAC hotel programs

10 tips for managing hotel programs in APAC

Ways to support your company’s larger travel strategy and meet local needs.

Work from home tips

Working on remote: Stay healthy, Stay connected

Extra tips to help you cope with the challenges of working from home. 


Travel policy ready for COVID-19

Is your travel policy ready for the impact of COVID-19?

Things you can do to improve your travel policy.

NDC: Display and Going for the Last Mile

The importance of enabling business travelers to consume this content at the point of sale in a way that’s efficient and engaging. 

NDC consumer content

NDC: Why Consumer-Driven Content is King

Cost, choice, and convenience: Building a consumer-grade experience in corporate travel


NDC: A 2020 reality check

The first in a series of three where we focus on New Distribution Capabilities and its impact on business travel.

Managing change

Lost in Transition: Best Practices for Managing Change in Corporate Travel Programs

Demystifying AI

Ifs and Bots: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and its Applications in Travel

Data science

How to use data science to future-proof your travel program

China's accommodation challenge in smaller cities

Growing pains: Accommodation challenges in China's smaller cities

China's accommodation tips 


5 Steps to picking the right tech for your meeting program

The latest technology is not always the right one.

Marie Kondo your business travel

Here's how to 'KonMari' your business travel

CWT suggests ways to apply some of the packing guru's tips to your next business trip 

Limited hotel supply in India's tier 2 cities and the challenges it poses for corporate travel programs

Tips for your hotel program in India

9 Tips for your hotel program in India's smaller cities

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