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Corporate travel safety tips  

From the issues around personal health and security, to understanding how to get around and interact with the locals, a travel manager needs to make sure that their employees have everything they need to stay safe and well abroad.

Top tips on how to plan a business trip  

To make the most of your business trip, effective planning is essential. Find out what you need to do to prepare in the best possible way with CWT, experts in business travel management.

Creating a business trip packing list  

This handy guide explains how to pack for a business trip – giving you more time to focus on acing your meeting or that big conference you’re presenting at. Here are 10 essential items to include on your packing list for a business trip.

How the myCWT travel app transformed a global workforce  

CWT's myCWT app keeps your travelers better connected and more informed so they stay productive on the road. Find out how our business travel app helped global consulting and research firm Analysys Mason save time on every trip.

A guide to business etiquette  

Business etiquette shouldn’t be an afterthought. Your grasp of business etiquette can make all the difference to winning – or losing – business. Check out this guide and make sure you’re representing your organization in the right way.

Measuring your corporate travel KPIs  

Which KPIs should travel managers be using to measure the success of their programs? Find out in our guide to corporate travel metrics and key components.

Improving travel policy compliance  

From helping employees understand your policy to enforcing specific guidelines and procedures for them to follow, policy compliance is key to achieving your corporate travel aims and objectives.

Top 10 Tips for safe travel  

CWT and International SOS teamed up to create this ‘Top 10 Tips for safe travel’ infographic you can share with your traveling employees. These tips can be used as a guide to help your employees prepare for their business trips effectively, helping them stay safer and your company reduce risk.

The 10 best ways to save money on corporate travel  

Making corporate travel savings might sound like a challenge – especially if you have lots of employees flying to different locations at different times. But there are ways to keep your costs down without compromising on traveler safety or services.

Writing an effective corporate travel policy  

There’s a lot to consider when arranging business travel, so it makes sense to have a robust corporate travel policy in place. Setting out all the relevant procedures will help keep your employees safe while working to reduce your business’s travel spend.

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