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Top 10 Tips for safe travel



Travel safe, from start to finish

Help your employees avoid everyday travel disruptions by ensuring they take the time to plan—a key ingredient for safe travel. CWT and International SOS teamed up to create this ‘Top 10 Tips for safe travel’ infographic you can share with your traveling employees. These tips can be used as a guide to help your employees prepare for their business trips effectively, helping them stay safer and your company reduce risk.


1. Do your homework

– research things such as COVID guidelines and restrictions, culture, climate and possible threats.

2. Book smart

– through your travel management company and your journey will be tracked.

3. Make e-copies of your documents

– apps like myCWT offer speed dial assistance too.


4. At the airport

– check in and head through security early.

5. Check who's collecting you

– before you arrive.

6. If driving at your destination

– wear a seatbelt, avoid traveling at night and don’t drive tired.

7. Stay alert

– when on the move. Apps like myCWT have safety alerts and you can message your CWT counselor from the app

8. At the hotel

– use the secondary locking device, and slide a travel door wedge under the door for extra security.

9. If a security incident happens

– stay calm, look for safe escape routes and follow advice from emergency services.


10. Write a review about your hotel's security

– it could improve the way they do things.


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Disclaimer – this guide has been developed for educational purposes and are top tips only. They do not guarantee safe travel. We recommend you reach out to your travel manager for more information or queries around travel policy and local governmental advisories for useful local tips.

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