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Boom Time: How flexible talent will build the future of events

March 03, 2023


By Kari Wendel
VP Strategic Enterprise Customers and Operations, CWT Meetings & Events

Over the last few years, the meetings and events industry was forced into a reactionary mindset. Instead of setting the terms, we've had to wait for whatever new change came around the corner and adapt as quickly as possible to keep our heads above water. 

Today, however, the masks are off, the industry is back, and people have a renewed excitement about gathering in person once more. Over 2.2 million people attended CWT events in 2022 alone, many of them live events.  

CWT Meetings & Events brings people together. It’s at the heart of everything we do - you could say that it's our business. The exciting part is that now that the dust has settled, we can finally look to shape our own future and direction with a longer lens. 

This new era of the meetings and events industry starts with people - particularly our own. Our event planners, for example, must now be confident in hybrid events of any size. This is because today's events call for a versatile planner that can cater to and facilitate events and meetings with both physical and virtual attendees. In-person meetings and events may be back with a bang, but their virtual counterparts still want a seat at the table. This shift is underpinned by an understanding of existing and new technologies, with the goal of provided the best experience possible.

With this foundation, we can then look to our customers. New models will allow us to offer more flexibility as needs and priorities change. In doing so, we allow room for our customers to change and adapt with the room for us to follow them along this journey to scale their meetings and events programs.  

Events have always been about human connection, which is what we have been doing for over 30 years. The future of our industry is exciting, and although we may not know what lies ahead, we’re certainly ready for the journey with our customers.  

Hear from Kari Wendel about what lies ahead for CWT Meetings and events:


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