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Lights, Camera, Action: Go behind the scenes of the world largest events, sporting teams, and entertainment projects

January 13, 2023

The recent world cup, all controversy aside, certainly wasn’t short on spectacle. Which, in todays oversaturated content market, is the name of the game. The biggest movies, TV shows, sporting contests, and live events rely on spectacle to attract fans and drag them away from the other forms of entertainment that we have at home.

Today’s market calls for more. More excitement and more spectacle, which means more work to make these occasions possible and more moving parts and people that require keen logistical expertise. It’s more than simply booking hotels or securing flights. It’s ensuring that a team has the right training facilities wherever they may travel to ensure they can perform at their best. It’s ensuring that every member of a film crew, and their equipment, arrive safely at a location to shoot the finale of the next big block buster (like the work we do with Paramount).

Behind the glitz and glamour are people, like our very own Kelley Fosdick and Francesca Rigamonti.

"Managing 1,300 international athletes' accommodation needs during a pandemic, is an endurance sport in itself. We believe success comes from focus, prioritization and teamwork - so this was a walk in the park for all concerned. This expertise is key for large groups that we are managing especially in the media, entertainment and sport industries.", says Francesca, Head of Events Operations, Italy and Germany at CWT Meetings & Events.

"We move with a sense of urgency and use dedicated, experienced teams who are knowledgeable on the various nuances in media, entertainment and sports travel” says Kelley from CWT’s Media, Entertainment and Sports customer team. Supported by a team of elite travel consultants, this global team are ready for anything that comes their way.

In short – these spectacles that we crave and love so much – can only happen with the help of dedicated and creative people, whether they’re centre stage, behind the camera, or in an office at a desk many miles away.

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