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Event Horizon: Building a greener future for corporate meetings & events

March 17, 2023


By Jack Griffiths
Social Media Manager, CWT

If you’ve seen The Butterfly Effect, knocked over a chain of dominoes, or frankly done anything, you’ll understand cause and effect. More importantly, you’ll understand that even the smallest action can create a larger ripple. This way of thinking seems more prevalent than ever before. 

Whether it’s at an employee, attendee, or enterprise level, the notion of responsibility permeates throughout the business travel and events industries today. For the time being, it seems that this way of thinking isn’t going anywhere. 

As businesses aim to adopt more sustainable and responsible practices, the way their employees and customers travel and meet will change. Today, sustainability and responsibility are at the top of the agenda, and we need to respond accordingly. 

Although the market is still evolving, the key is providing the data points and information needed so that clients can make informed decisions about how they travel and how they meet, with an understanding of what impact these decisions will have on the environment. Already we are asking venues about their green initiatives in every RFP. In turn, our customers are asking us what we are doing as a business and for their events.  

CWT Meetings & Events is placing an emphasis on productive journeys that are centered around our customers. Plus, we aim to focus on integrated travel and meetings solutions to provide efficiency and complete oversight for our customers. 

Rachel Lunderborg, Senior Director, Global Process & Technical Services, CWT Meetings & Events shares her vision of what the next five years will bring: 


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