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Energy Source: How to prioritize well-being in some of the most challenging work environments

November 29, 2019

report by CWT Energy, Resources and Marine (ERM) reveals that 52% of C-suite and senior executives say their organizations have traveler health and safety programs in place. While only 32% say their organizations measure and report on the impact of traveler well-being. It's clear there's progress to be made.

"There's a heightened awareness of how we're all trying to live more healthy, balanced lives." Says Daniele Gabois, VP Global Business Development at CWT Energy, Resources and Marine. 

In a sector like ERM, the well-being of travelers is critical.

“The energy, resources and marine industries have long been leaders in understanding and addressing health and safety for their traveling workforce, not least because of the complexities ERM travelers uniquely face en route to, and when they arrive at, their often-remote destinations,” says Raphaël Pasdeloup, Senior Vice President and Global Head of CWT ERM.

Fatigue-induced decision-making, while on a rig or inside a mine, could put a worker in harm’s way. How can companies and travel managers put their employees' needs front and center? Here are steps to build an organizational culture that values and supports the well-being of travelers.

  1. Research - Survey your employees to understand how they are affected by travel-related issues like stress, fatigue, exercise and nutrition. Use this knowledge to get buy-in from leaders who make travel-related decisions.
  2. Implement – Define target interventions such as changes in the design of travel policies or adoption of new tools and services to support wellness while traveling. Meanwhile, actively promote wellness initiatives that relate to travel alongside other employee benefits.
  3. Monitor – Measure key workforce indicators such as program participation, employee turnover, employee satisfaction and engagement and healthcare claims.

Find out more about how to address the health, safety and wellbeing of travelers in the most demanding work environments in 2020 Vision: A Close look at the well-being of traveling employees.  


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