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Managing complex travel

CWT helps you optimize your travel program

At CWT Energy, Resources & Marine, we have been getting people to the furthest reaches of the world for over 30 years. It is our job to make the logistics of travel as responsive, accurate, reliable and simple as possible for travel managers. We know what is required to create a stress-free, secure and seamless experience for your traveling employees.

Energy Transportation

We work with energy organizations of every shape and size. Our clients cover every aspect of the energy, oil and gas sectors, from exploration to production, and service companies to drillers.

There is more. You get valuable discounts on your energy travel through CWT ERM Fares, our industry specific fares negotiated for our clients: you can be fully confident you will always get the very best deal.

Success Story - Energy

National Oilwell Varco (NOV), a global equipment, components and services provider for the oil and gas industry, did not have a centralized form of payment, an overarching travel policy, or a true measure of compliance.

CWT ERM consolidated NOV’s travel program:

  • Consolidated reporting and the ability to track and locate travelers in an emergency
  • Uncovered it was spending 62 percent more on travel than estimated
  • Negotiated discounts, driving bottom-line savings of 35 percent

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Renewable energies and resources transportation

The resources and mining industry is constantly changing, which is why we have the flexibility to make sure you are properly staffed however quickly you need to change your plans.

Workforce management is essential for business continuity and that means having the right people in the right place at the right time. We will look after all your resources and mining transportation: regular FIFO and DIDO trips, charter and helicopter travel – whatever it takes. Our global coverage and long-term partnerships with a wide range of suppliers mean we can get your people where they need to be, safely, securely, on time and cost-effectively.

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Marine Transportation

We make sure crew members make it to their ships on time and stay ready for any unexpected changes. We also help with crew rotation and crew rostering. Wherever you are, or need to be, we’ve got you covered.



Fisheries Transportation

We’ve helped workers in the fishing industry access the oceans, lakes and rivers of the world for 25 years. We are the Pacific Northwest’s leading travel management organization, taking people to the remotest parts of Alaska, and beyond. We are your best partner for fisheries travel here, as well as around the world.

You want your traveler experience to be smooth and easy, so we make the process as seamless as possible. We know exactly where you can make cost savings, and when safety and security is paramount. You can rely on us for your crew travel.

Success Story - Fishery

When a commercial fishing vessel took on water and had to be abandoned by its 46-member crew, it was several hundred miles from the nearest land, Alaska’s Adak Island.
Once on the island, CWT ERM coordinated air evacuation to Anchorage, then to each crew member’s home:

  • Booked charter flights, located identification for each employee, and issued tickets for commercial flights home.
  • Worked with multiple stakeholders, including the fishing company, charter airline, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)


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Workforce Management

You need your workforce working. We combine commercial flights with charter and helicopter travel, as well as ground transportation, to get your people where they need to be. We simplify global crew logistics with seamless technology and a single touchpoint to make your travel program as simple as possible for you and your travelers.

Your travel arrangers can use one easy tool to book a trip. And your traveling employees can find one consolidated itinerary on their myCWT mobile app. Find out more about how you can increase efficiency and find savings by optimizing your workforce management.

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Success Story - Workforce management

An oil and gas company in Angola was managing more than 2,500 travelers and aviation arrangements for 1,500 passengers weekly using a system created in-house, resulting in major communications gaps, lower operational efficiency and increased operational costs.

CWT ERM increased efficiency and drove cost optimization:

  • Created a streamlined, standardized booking process for remote travelers that was able to handle last-minute changes
  • Provided a single interface to manage both logistics and commercial bookings
  • Automated and integrated systems to reduce errors and increase efficiency


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Corporate Travel

Not all your travel involves sending teams of workers to remote locations - we can look after your corporate and executive travel too. CWT Energy, Resources & Marine is part of CWT, one of the world’s leading travel management companies. Let us make it simple for you.


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