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​How to turn travel trepidation into creative rocket fuel

July 24, 2020


By Emma Woodhouse
Global Corporate Communications, CWT

Photo: Erik McClean

As many countries emerge out of lockdown, business travel is beginning to resume. It should come as no surprise. An Oxford Economics study found that each dollar invested in business travel can result in as much as $12.50 in revenue. Another recent survey by consulting firm Oliver Wyman found that nearly 60% of business travelers expect to travel the same amount or even more after the pandemic, due to a resurgence of business activity.

Now more than ever, we know the emotional value of face-to-face interactions and the connections and inspiration that we previously took for granted.

Still, most travelers fall into one of two camps. There are those who after months of spending their days within their four walls are aching to jet to the other side of the world. Like a beach ball submerged under water and suddenly released, they’re ready to race to an airport and would hug everyone along the way if physical distancing wasn’t still in place. And there are those who feel trepidation, regardless of the measures, cleaning protocols and frameworks now in place.

We all know the longterm value of a well-planned business trip but it’s wasted if you’re constantly fretting along the way. Here are three ways to approach your first trip out of lockdown, mitigating concerns and leaving you free to do what’s best for your career and organization, creatively and enjoyably.

  1. Seize the opportunity to visit somewhere different

    Embrace the chance to replenish your reserves of creativity after months of the same scenery. Plan for a little leisure time, ranging from a boat tour (you’ll be supporting the local economy) to a leisurely al fresco tasting menu at a cool restaurant that could do with your custom.

    The idea is to disconnect from the stresses of business travel, really switch off, and explore a new destination.

  2. Stick to the facts

    Being informed helps us make clear decisions. But there’s staying-up-to-date and there’s doom scrolling.

    A global event mired in uncertainty can make the most disciplined among us hooked on an endless scroll of media that’s amplified, leveraged, and optimized to suck us into a Covid-hole for hours on end. And fear sells more than stories of progress.

    If it’s not helping you make informed decisions, what’s it for? Stick to a maximum of two or three trusted resources and limit your time on them each day.

    Check your travel restrictions with a few clicks using CWT Travel Essentials.

  3. Feel prepared

    Work through your travel plans compartmentalizing them into before, during, and after your trip. You'll know what to pack, what to expect at each stage, and what to do when you get home. It’s much less daunting to follow a simple checklist than to cobble together disparate advice. 

By controlling the controllable, cutting out the noise and focusing on the numerous benefits, you'll be equipped to inspire passion, generate great ideas, and get the most out of a long-awaited business trip.  


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