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​Ninja Traveler – 10 tips so the unexpected doesn’t catch you by surprise

June 06, 2019

Fortunately, most trips run smoothly and travelers are able to conduct business and enjoy their stay without any drama. However, if you have been traveling for a while – especially to remote destinations – you will know that the unexpected can be waiting for you at every corner.

At CWT Energy, Resources & Marine we are specialists in traveling off the beaten track, so here are some tips that will help you to escape even the most complex situations. You will be like a ninja.

  1. Make your homework – Ninjas are well prepared. Before you go on your trip, make sure to research things like (business) culture, climate, and possible threats.

  2. Make an electronic copy of all your important documents – passport, travel itinerary, addresses, contact details, presentation, insurance, etc. – and keep it in your Gmail or Dropbox. You will be able to quickly access everything from anywhere in case your devices fail, are stolen or you lose your printed copies.

  3. Always bring cash with you. Sometimes ATMs are hard to find, and you will be surprised to learn that in some hotels and restaurants they do not accept cards as a form of payment, so you want to bring some money with you just in case.

  4. Bring more than one card. Sometimes certain cards can be rejected, so it is always better to have a mix – VISA, MasterCard, etc.

  5. Resist the temptation of traveling in comfortable clothes. Luggage can be lost, so you really want to avoid arriving at your destination wearing your tracksuit and trainers with no time to buy proper clothes. Wear business attire onboard and pack, if possible, some underwear and a shirt in your hand luggage. That way, you can always iron your clothes at the hotel and be properly dressed for your meeting.

  6. Have a copy of the addresses and directions in the local language. If you think everybody speaks English, you are wrong. In some places, taxi drivers do not speak foreign languages and they can even be illiterate, so the best thing is to have all your addresses and directions to get there written in the local language and even a small map.

  7. Be old-fashioned and memorize key information. In an era where we rely on our mobile phones and satellite internet connection for everything, our reflexes are a bit rusty. It is always wise to check where hotel, client’s office, etc. are before leaving and learn the addresses and ways to get there. At least you will know more or less the area they are in and the nearest attractions or public transport stations so, worst case scenario, you will be able to navigate through your day successfully.

  8. Wait for a local delis tasting. An upset stomach can ruin your meeting, so do not go for a street-food marathon before your big day. Wait for your meeting to be over and then indulge yourself with a local gastronomic feast.

  9. Bring your pills with you. If you suffer regularly from back pain, headache, etc., make sure you bring all your meds with you. In some destinations, finding a pharmacy or certain medications can be tricky, so you better check you carry all your essentials with you. Female travelers need to pack menstrual hygiene products as they can be difficult to find.

  10. Carry a burner wallet. If you get assaulted, it is always good to have with you a burner wallet with some cash in it and some old ID. Equally important is to leave any card or ID you do not need safely stored in your room safe-box.

If a security incident happens, Ninjas stay calm, look for safe escape routes, and follow advice from emergency services.

Ready to be like Hattori Hanzo in your next trip? Of course, if you have other ninja tricks to share, we will be delighted to hear from you.


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