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Planes, Trains or Automobiles - getting today’s travelers from A to B and back again.

August 03, 2022


By Narelle Smythe
Senior Manager, Global Product Marketing for CWT

Despite the clear excitement we’re experiencing during the return to travel, things haven’t gone as smoothly as planned. Travelers are facing more disruptions than ever before, especially when it comes to flights. Whilst things certainly seem to be in full swing, the impact of the pandemic are still being felt industry wide.

In many ways, it is a perfect storm. Long-term effects have led to ongoing issues such as staffing shortages, increased flight delays and cancelations and lost bags. Some airports have even been forced to limit departures to cope with the influx of travelers. Not to mention an increased awareness and drive for a more sustainable way to travel.

For those looking to hire a car, this industry has faced similar difficulties with a shortage of vehicles and the rising cost of fuel.

In a recent CWT customer survey, 93% of respondents rated the trip experience as an important driver in their travel program.

So, what option does this leave today’s travelers? It’s often said that there’s no school like the old school, and perhaps that’s exactly what’s needed today when it comes to travel options. Perhaps it’s time to consider taking a train instead of a plane for your next trip.

  • The rail industry is facing disruption, but has fewer cancelations than the airlines, giving you peace of mind when making a booking
  • The luggage situation is much easier to manage. There are fewer limitations which removes the stress of packing, and your bag travels with you which means it won’t go missing
  • If you’re traveling for business, there is more space and often wi-fi which means you can be more productive and stay on track with your work
  • Train travel is also kinder to the environment and remains overall the most environmentally friendly mode of motorised passenger transport in Europe

We’re making it easier for travelers to book train travel.  In addition to booking via a CWT counselor, we are launching train booking within the myCWT mobile app for UK travelers, with key European markets in the coming months.

So, for your next trip, consider a simple, seamless and more sustainable way to travel.  Remain sane and where feasible, consider a train over a plane.