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​Ready to Fly: What to expect at the airport

August 21, 2020

Photo: Lei Jiang

If you haven’t stepped foot in an airport since before Covid-19 restrictions were introduced, it can be hard to know what to expect, especially as measures change constantly, such as the increasing adoption of test-on-arrival facilities.

All the talk of bubbles, corridors and bridges can be confusing. In Business Travel: On The Fly, we spoke to Nina Brooks, Director Security, Facilitation and I.T at ACI World. Nina provides guidance and support to the airport community, represents airports interests with regulators, and encourages industry collaboration to identify improvements in passenger processes and the overall travel experience.

Reassuringly, there’s a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes from airports, airlines, governments and organizations like WHO and IATA towards common policies, coordination, and communication. But what about travelers? Nina tells us three things to note before your first trip.

  1. Before you travel: If you can, book refundable tickets and check again before you fly. Then, do as much as you can at home. Check-in, pay extra baggage fees, and even use a luggage pick-up service to reduce mixing and queuing at the airport.
  2. Parking: There may be longer waits at peak times as buses that shuttle travelers are disinfected frequently and fewer travelers are allowed on board. We’re also seeing touchless parking payments.
  3. At Departures: You may see that access is restricted so that only the traveler is allowed inside the airport, bar unaccompanied minors, and passengers with disabilities. People who don’t need to be there may not be allowed in. Some airports are doing temperature screenings. Check your airport’s information page for details before you travel and download our easy-to-follow checklist. Listen to Nina’s tips and insight and find out more about what to expect at the airport.


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