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Target Practice: 3 ways to achieve your company’s sustainability targets

April 29, 2022

Our recent survey of our clients, validated by a number of follow-up discussions, indicates that sustainability is a top priority across virtually our entire client base.  Many of the travel managers feel that travel is or could be at the leading edge of their companies’ sustainability initiative and are well on their way implementing their programs while some are in earlier stages of program definition.  CWT can help regardless of what phase our clients are in their sustainability programs.

CWT has provided sustainable data and reporting for over a decade, and was recognized by EcoVadis with the highest sustainability rating for two consecutive years which puts CWT in the top 1% of 75,000 companies reporting.

We’re seeing a marked shift in priorities,Customers are demanding more sophisticated and accurate sustainability tools and solutions, which they find necessary to align their travel programs with corporate goals and initiatives,” says Charlie Sullivan, CWT’s Head of Product Management, Travel Management Portfolio. Here are three ways to help realize your sustainability ambitions.

  1. Influence choice at the point of sale - In talking to our global customer base late last year, we found that 87% wanted information at point-of-booking to help reinforce responsible travel choices. The tech and tools needed to make the right choice at the time of booking are critical to success, and ultimately align travel programs with corporate goals and values. Find out more about point-of-sale carbon indicators.
  2. Track, report, rinse and repeat – Work with your travel management company to analyze booking trends and emissions data to enable you to make changes fast and at scale.
  3. Integrate sustainable travel into the overall performance of your program - Modelling employee wellbeing, alongside climate impact, and organizational performance is something our customers see as an imperative to garnering employee adoption. Most organizations measure ‘cost for profit’ and ‘carbon for planet’, leaving out any consideration around the impact travel can have on an employee. Since October 2021, 90% of engagements with CWT’s ECO consulting framework focused entirely on balancing employee satisfaction with greener travel. 

Hear from Charlie Sullivan about how CWT collaborates with tech partners like Amadeus to help clients achieve their sustainability goals