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The Metaverse: The future of business travel?

May 26, 2022

Preparing for a trip used to mean that you’d pack your overnight bag, ensure you had your printed ticket and passport at the ready, and set your alarm for your early commute to the airport (though undoubtedly following a night of tossing and turning in fear that you’d sleep in). Some of us may think back to those halcyon days with fondness – times when travel seemed simpler and we needn’t think about health passports or long queues through airport security.

But with time - and often necessity - comes innovation. A digitally-connected world has opened virtual doors to a reality where we can be immersed in other worldly experiences without leaving our desk or armchair: The Metaverse.

According to a recent survey of more than 2,500 U.S. adults by Axios, people are more likely to fear the metaverse than be excited about it, with one-third of respondents saying it made them ‘more scared’, and just 7% responding ‘more excited’.

So, how do we alleviate that fear and make the metaverse a less daunting ‘place’? We demonstrate examples of where it could be used in people’s lives to make something simpler, like simplifying travel for instance. So, put on your interactive headset (maybe some glasses or even contact lenses in future) and join us for a business trip like no other.



Chat interactively with your hologram booking agent who’ll take all the necessary details to book and confirm your trip. They’ll know from past bookings your seat preferences, dietary requirements for your in-flight meal, and even when to advise light and dark periods to sync your circadian rhythm and avoid jet lag on arrival at your destination.

Take a tour of the airport so you can see exactly where to go from drop-off to gate, and check out the amenities as you experience your business class cabin.

You’ve booked. Now what?

How far is your hotel from your meeting venue? Use the metaverse to walk the short distance or hail a cab. Where are the elevators located in the lobby? What’s the view like from your hotel room window? Adding a bit of sight-seeing or extending your trip for bleisure? Check out the local tourist spots and get a feel for the surroundings. All possible to see virtually before you even get there.

Your travel app has shared your itinerary with loved ones already so they know you’ve arrived at your destination. Why not join them in the metaverse and immerse yourself back home for a family dinner or attend that all important recital or sports game. Never miss out on an important occasion while traveling for work again.

After your trip

There might have been some follow-up actions or something you want to clarify after your in-person meeting. Don’t leave it to impersonal emails. Have that next meeting in the metaverse where you can see, sit next to and interact with other attendees no matter where they’re located. You could be back in their virtual offices smelling the same coffee you previously had the pleasure of drinking.

Closing the deal? If you can’t be there in person, a handshake in a virtual world is better than none at all.

The metaverse won’t replace actual travel. We see from the volumes and pent up demand that people are keen to get back on the road. But if it can aid just that little bit in simplifying it then it’s opening up a whole world of difference.



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