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How to meet demand for greener travel

April 22, 2022

The pressure is on for companies and organizations to demonstrate tangible progress on the path to net-zero, and rightly so.

Travel is back, and travelers are more aware than ever that doing business in person is vital to successful business outcomes and relationship building. Equally, travelers want to make sustainable choices. How to do so isn’t always clear. As such, many put trust in their employers to help them travel more sustainably.

A click away

Who hasn’t thrown a coffee cup in a standard bin instead of hunting around for the recycling? Most people, when given the option, will make a choice that’s better for the environment, and more so when the choice is convenient and transparent.

We surveyed our global customer base at the end of 2021. An overwhelming 87% expressed that they would like information provided to their employees at point-of-booking to help reinforce responsible travel choices. As such CWT partnered with carbon intelligence platform Thrust Carbon on a real-time carbon footprint indicator enabling traveling employees to make planet-savvy choices at the point of sale. Ensure your booking tool enables travelers to make the best choice effortlessly.

Get help

Work with your travel management company to advance a travel program that advances employee wellbeing, climate impact and organizational performance such as CWT’s proprietary ECO framework. Since the launch of ECO, 80% of all conversations and asks centered around the sweet spot of balancing cost and employee satisfaction, however, since October 2021, this has dramatically shifted, with 90% of engagements focused almost entirely on balancing employee satisfaction with greener travel. Additionally, sustainability is the only topic in 100% of customer requests for proposal (RFPs) received by CWT over the last 6 months, flagged as a top 5 priority alongside items such as traveler safety, and digital security.

Get on board

There’s an evolution underway and we’ve got our eye firmly on the future. We anticipate carbon budgets are playing a prominent role, enhancing traditional cost-based budgets, there’s increasing disruption in modes of transportation, and huge strides are being made in virtual and hybrid meetings. With a plethora of tools and sustainable solutions available, there is no excuse to not evolve. CWT has been at the forefront of travel evolution for the last 150 years, and intends to be there for the next 150.

Find out more about building a more sustainable future of travel.