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Twice as Nice: now’s the time to shift the tide on event sustainability

June 08, 2023

“Sustainable travel, meetings and events starts with measurement” advises Ian Cummings, Global Head of CWT Meetings & Events in ‘Business Travel & Events’, a special report in UK national newspaper The Times and Raconteur. “You can then make choices to bring down the climate impact of a meeting, whether that means staying at a newer hotel that uses less energy, switching to an airline that deploys more efficient aircraft- using electric vehicles, or choosing destinations that are more strategically located.”

As a boom in live meetings & events sweeps across continents, one thing is clear: We have a moral imperative and opportunity to transform sustainability in events.

The issue weighs big on CWT Meetings & Events. CWT’s award-winning global, creative agency which managed 2.2 million people attending 15,810 events in 2022 is on track to double its output, organizing more than 30,000 meetings & events in 2023.

We are thrilled to be included in 'Business Travel & Events' (page 5 of the publication). The comprehensive and insightful guide is designed to empower organizations to realise the benefits of travel and meetings and necessitate a shift toward a more sustainable and conscious future.

Here are a few key highlights you can expect from CWT Meetings and Events’ Ian Cummings in 'Business Travel & Events':

  1. Beyond city limits: Unlocking the potential of low-carbon destinations and ‘secondary cities’ in meeting sustainability goals.
  2. The power of data: How to use extensive analytics as the basis for goal-setting
  3. More than measuring: The small, imaginative decisions that make up a whole. Think hiring a local chef who cooks for attendees using food waste

A well-executed meeting or event has the unique ability to galvanise. Anyone who has ever felt their productivity and momentum overhauled from a single, experiential event or workshop with colleagues or clients can attest to the transformative power of ‘face-to-face.’

From championing sustainable destinations and local businesses to driving social responsibility to inspiring innovation toward planet-friendly products and services, events – done right – are at the forefront of a global movement towards a better future.

Find out from industry leaders including Ian Cummings, Global Head of CWT Meetings & Events how accessible, sustainable and emotionally-impactful events can transform your business and shape the future in 'Business Travel & Events' Raconteur in the Times.