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​‘We don’t talk anymore, like we used to do - 4 reasons why messaging is such a popular way of communication

February 12, 2020

Technology is changing our life - from how we work to how we shop. It is even defining the way we interact with each other and build our personal relationships. Take Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez as an example. It seems they don’t talk anymore, like they used to do. Is it maybe because now they message each other? Jokes aside, messaging is becoming a popular way of communication nowadays. We all rely on different technologies to keep in touch with our loved ones and messaging tools are also widely used in the corporate work gaining traction over emails. So, if this is true for our personal and professional life, why should it be any different when it comes to engaging with companies?

We share with you four reasons why messaging is a must if you want to keep up with the times:

  1. It helps you to increase your clients’ experience and satisfaction rate. Can you imagine to be able to interact with providers through a dedicated app, a mainstream messaging app such as Facebook Messenger or a website? Thanks to our messaging service, our clients’ traveling employees can always interact with us no matter the channel they choose. This simplified service has allowed us to unlock new possibilities, move forward together with our clients and achieve a 90% satisfaction rate from our existing users.
  2. It is made for ‘the fast and the furious’. Nowadays we all expect to engage wherever and whenever we are to get answers, ask for advice and take action in a consistent, seamless way. And, we want it now. Messaging allows immediacy. No need to wait for email replies or spend time waiting on the line. 88 % of our clients say our messaging service requires less effort compared with other channels such as email and phone. In fact, we also have found that some clients have achieved up to a 20% displacement from email to messaging in their first year of usage.
  3. It can be integrated into platforms that customers used daily. If you are going to create a messaging service to interact with your clients, you do not need to create it from scratch. You can use existing platforms so your customers will not need to download new ones. At CWT we have followed this approach and our messaging service is available through not only our platform – app and web, but can be made available through clients’ internal messaging platform such as Microsoft Teams.
  4. It is always on. With daily packed schedules, sometimes we need to request services at crazy hours of the day. And what happens when there is nobody that picks up the phone or get back to our emails? For us, who serve clients that travel all over the world with the time zone difference that thus implies, a messaging service it is a way to ensure we provide them with quick support every hour and day of the week.

We might not talk anymore, like we use to do, but sure we text like never before. Don’t you love innovation? As a Business-to-Business-for-Employees Platform, we do.


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