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CWT makes messaging support available through Slack

April 24, 2024

CWT, the global business travel and meetings solutions provider, has added Slack to the list of platforms through which travelers can message CWT for support with their travel arrangements. 

The convenience of CWT’s messaging service has made it immensely popular with travelers. Travelers can submit a travel request, step away to complete other tasks, and then pick up where they left off using a different device, without losing their conversation history. Furthermore, the AI-powered virtual assistant helps collect information that a travel counselor would need to assist the traveler. As a result, travel requests are fulfilled four times faster through messaging than by email, achieving customer satisfaction scores of over 90%. 

“Many of our customers use Slack to facilitate team communication and collaboration, so this integration will make it even easier for their employees to contact us for assistance with their business trips,” said Erica Antony, CWT’s Chief Product Officer. "We increasingly see travelers prefer to use messaging instead of phone calls or emails when they need support, so we are continuing to enhance this service to help them save time and be more productive.”

CWT’s messaging service, which is offered in multiple languages, can also be accessed through the myCWT web and mobile apps, Microsoft Teams, Workplace from Meta, and WhatsApp, and is used by over 1,000 customers in more than 70 countries.

CWT is a global business travel and meetings solutions provider, with whom companies and governments partner to keep their people connected, in traditional business locations and some of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the globe. A private company, CWT provides its customers’ employees with innovative technology and an efficient, safe, and sustainable travel experience.


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