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Supporting an industry that never sleeps


Meet Paul Dobson:

From booking flights to leading one of our largest servicing hubs, Paul has more than 30 years of travel industry experience. He recognizes that travel is crucial for energy, resources, and marine (ERM) organizations. As client director for a leading global oil and gas organization, he helps ensure the continuity of their operations overseeing all aspects of the client relationship.

Paul Dobson


ERM companies specific needs:

Getting people to remote parts of the world can be complex. From crew rotations to evacuations, ERM organizations operate in an environment that never sleeps. They need a consistent and reliable service to ensure travelers are guided and looked after in an efficient and organized way–whether traveling to a remote oil rig in the North Sea or a meeting in Houston. Using a follow-the-sun approach to travel management is the cornerstone of this consistency, allowing our teams around the world to service customers with an always-on approach.

Moving people seamlessly and securely:

ERM businesses often operate in volatile locations, leading to unexpected situations that demand swift action. Recently, we've had to evacuate our client's employees from several countries. Our strength lies in mobilizing and fully committing our teams to ensure swift and efficient evacuations. This unified global approach has enabled us to evacuate over 5000 individuals from war-torn regions and hazardous environments in just the last couple of years.

Innovative solutions:

We streamlined the crew rotation process for a customer in the Middle East by integrating a third-party tool. Managing both online and offline bookings for crew travel and rotation manifests, we’ve simplified the booking process. The seamless integration with our systems ensures smooth data flow through our standard channels, meeting reporting requirements, and enhancing safety and security measures.


What sets this role at CWT apart?

There is never a dull moment in managing travel for Energy Resources and Marine customers. Take, for instance, a recent operation to handle crew rotations to an offshore oil vessel for an energy giant. We created a streamlined process to move crew from Asia Pacific to an Australian hub, then transition to the vessel via helicopter every two weeks. Being involved in these non-stop travel solutions is what keeps me motivated to excel in my customer-focused role.

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