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CWT’s ECO travel framework shows companies have now moved into the action phase when it comes to greener travel

April 21, 2022

CWT, the Business-to-Business-for-Employees (B2B4E) travel management platform, announces that customer focus in the past six months, among those engaging with its ECO travel consulting framework, underlines a shift to action when it comes to greener travel.

In the first year of ECO’s launch, 80% of all conversations and asks centered around the sweet spot of balancing cost and employee satisfaction, however, since October 2021, this has dramatically shifted, with 90% of ECO engagements focused almost entirely on balancing employee satisfaction with greener travel. Additionally, in over 100 ECO engagements, CWT has also seen the top three most engaged industry sectors being:
1) Professional Services and International Organizations
2) Financial Services, and
3) Technology, Media & Telecommunications.

“It makes perfect sense for these kind of organizations to be half of our major ECO engagements, as Scope 3 (travel) CO2 emissions would make up a majority of their total CO2 footprint, and therefore deserve significant attention,” said Richard Johnson Senior Director, CWT Solutions Group.

Other findings from ECO engagement analysis show that business actions and attention to the topic came first and foremost from companies in EMEA, followed by NORAM – mirroring the EU which leads the world from a government policy perspective.  Additionally, sustainability is the only topic that is in 100% of TMC RFPs received by CWT over the last 6 months, flagged as a top 5 priority alongside items such as traveler safety, and digital security.

CWT is a Business-to-Business-for-Employees (B2B4E) travel management platform. Companies and governments rely on us to keep their people connected – anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Across six continents, we provide their employees with innovative technology and an efficient, safe and secure travel experience backed by our three core promises: to simplify corporate travel, to connect to unlock possibilities, and to move forward, together.

Through its proprietary ECO framework – short for Employee Wellbeing, Climate Impact and Organizational Performance – CWT Solutions Group guides organizations in designing travel programs that advance their triple bottom line. With this approach, business travel becomes an avenue through which companies can simultaneously create an engaged and motivated workforce, reduce their environmental impact, and manage costs more effectively.