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How to travel with just a carry-on bag

July 15, 2022


By Emma Woodhouse
Global Corporate Communications, CWT

A man packing a carry on sized suit case

There’s a temporary capacity crunch at some European airports as a surge in demand meets a labour shortage. Some European airports like Heathrow have taken measures, this week, like capping passenger numbers.

Don’t despair. You’ve downloaded the myCWT app for alerts, and you’re prepared to leave home a little earlier than usual. There’s a lot you can do for ease and peace of mind.

Consider breaking with a long-held tradition of packing for every occasion to save you even more time and hassle until the summer rush abates. 

Pack light

Generally speaking, footwear hybrids are terrible – remember the lovechild of Crocs and Uggs: Cruggs? – but a pair of business-casual shoes will save space. Add a well-planned capsule wardrobe diversified with clever accessorising (as usual, there’s an app for that) and now you’re a regular Steve Jobs who famously used to wear the same outfit every day in order to reduce decision fatigue.

Pack small

Roll, don’t fold. Pack products with combined usage such as a single make-up compact or a shampoo/soap bar and use packing cubes. Try bundling your core outfits with underwear and t-shirt or vest at the centre, and tailored blazer or dress as the outer layer. Consider your destination. You can buy most things in cities and use the hotel toiletries. Lay out all your clothes, channel de-cluttering expert Marie Kondo, and be brutal with your culling.

…But also, go big.

Several brands including Cabin Max make holdalls that are as large as possible while still recognised to fit all major airlines’ carry-on requirements. But why stop there? The ‘wearable luggage’ market is expanding (pun intended). These jacket/luggage hybrids contain lots of clever pockets and compartments and are usually wind and water resistant. They are, however, so unfashionable, they’re possibly colleague resistant too.

Does it matter? You’ll be sipping a welcome drink by the hotel pool by the time your colleagues have finished wading through their cases at the carousel.