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​How We Think, Act And Live Responsibly

June 26, 2018


By Françoise Grumberg
Vice President, Global Responsible Business and Diversity & Inclusion, CWT

Today, we are releasing our Responsible Business Annual Report for the sixth consecutive year. This document is a testimony of how we progressed in 2017 towards the reach of our 2020 Responsible Business objectives.

It is a palpable way of tracking all the work that has been done worldwide by all of us at CWT, and all the great things we have achieved by working together. To prove it, not only did EcoVadis rate us Gold in 2017 but also this year we have repeated this success. And there is more. In 2018, our Annual Responsible Business Report also reached the UN Global Compact Advanced Level, the highest one available.

Our report shows our strong commitment to having a positive impact in the topics that matter the most to our stakeholders and that form the areas of focus of our Responsible Business program: Strategy & Governance, Ethics & Business Behavior, Human Resources, Human Right, Environment, Responsible Products and Services, and Community Involvement. Moreover, we do it so by thinking, acting and living according to our core values of Integrity, Leadership, Caring and Passion.

Curt Carlson, the founder of our parent company, believed that successful corporations have the privilege and obligation of citizenship in the greater world, so he fostered the values of community engagement and philanthropy, integrity and leadership.

Eighty years after he settled the standard, we still live by these very same values. They fuel our ethical culture and, thanks to them, we have been able to accomplish a lot and are on the right track to deliver in 2020.

I invite you to have a look at our report to check our signs of progress in 2017 and have a sneak peek of some of the initiatives we will be focusing on this year ahead and beyond, such as our work on diversity and inclusion, our fight against human trafficking, and our commitment to responsible purchasing and environment.

Happy reading and, please, do not hesitate to send us your thoughts. 

Blog author: Françoise Grumberg, Vice-President, Global Responsible Business, Carlson Wagonlit Travel