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NDC: Reflecting on 2023 and priorities for 2024

January 17, 2024

The past 12 months marked the most active year for NDC at CWT (and the industry) since the initiative launched over a decade ago.

NDC was propelled from concept to reality for a large segment of the business travel sector as major airlines and content providers unveiled new NDC content initiatives and capabilities. With diverse definitions of NDC readiness, CWT positioned itself as a trusted advisor for clients, guiding them while outlining a path for early adopters to access NDC content.

Despite the fast pace of change that defined 2023, our partnerships and preparation for NDC allowed us to expand our content coverage to include the following:

  • Access to NDC content with 11 airlines 

  • Live with 3 content providers – Amadeus, Sabre & Travelfusion 

  • 13 markets live with NDC transactions and servicing 

  • 1000+ customers live with NDC 

  • 4 OBTs: Concur, Cytric, GetThere & Serko

Our experience with the variety of airlines and content providers has helped us more clearly understand the readiness of NDC for scaled adoption. And while we continue to expand our coverage of NDC, the existing limitations in functionality and scalability mean that NDC is currently best suited for early adopters rather than all customers.

NDC in 2024

NDC will remain a top priority for CWT in 2024, with a dedicated focus on the following goals:

  • Expanding our global footprint by implementing more airlines and markets as they become available

  • Remaining customer-centric by enabling NDC in our customers’ channel of choice and continuing to be a trusted advisor 

  • Improving NDC product integration through advocation and partnership of full servicing capabilities fit-for-purpose for business travel

The momentum of airline announcements regarding NDC is picking up, and there's a growing expectation from our customers for us to provide accessible content. While NDC functionality is progressing, a seamless experience is still a work in progress. We are committed to keeping you informed about the latest developments to help you understand when NDC may be a fit for your travel program.

Speak to your CWT representative about how you can keep up to date with all the latest NDC developments. If you’re not a CWT customer get in touch to speak to us about we can support your travel management needs. 


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