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Return to Travel Roundup: A step-by-step roundtrip checklist

July 22, 2021

As travel begins to pick up, the opportunities for face-to-face interaction will lead to innovation and growth, and a welcome return to the connections we previously took for granted. But these days business travel is a moveable feast when a course-by-course menu would be easier to digest.

No matter the scenario, we created a checklist for travelers to help them prepare for their next trip.

Before you travel

  • Understand COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions: Countries have established entry/exit requirements depending on your departure location. This may include testing requirements, quarantines and more. Check the requirements using our CWT Travel Essentials tool.
  • Collect required documents: Bring required documents such as passport, international travel certificate, health certificate (if required). Information can be found on the CIBT website or you can view requirements on the myCWT app.
  • Download travel app (myCWT) and/or make sure to bring important travel contact info.
    Have information easily accessible in case you need to make adjustments to your trip enroute. Download the myCWT app
  • Research re-opening activities at your destination
    Before exploring beyond your hotel room and meeting space, check city-specific sites for your destination. For example, search “traveling to (city name) now,” and you should get a COVID-19 specific site. (Here is New York City as an example.)
  • Check health insurance coverage
    Check with your insurance to be sure you are covered outside of your home country if medical assistance is required.
  • Review company travel policy
    Understand any COVID-19 related updates to your policy and find out how to manage extended travel should the need arise.
  • Update your travel profile for missing or expired information
    As COVID-19 measures including contact tracing continue to impact the information needs of airline carriers around the world, a current mobile number and email address is required in each booking. To further enhance your travel experience, ensure all information such as your credit card, passport and other travel documentation is current.

En Route

  • Check your airline website the evening prior and 5 hours prior. The OAG website gives you the last airline schedule changes.
  • If traveling by train or ferry, check information before departure Check COVID-19 related requirements and schedules.
  • Check origin and destination airport information
  • Have a look at the airports’ websites, which will offer valuable information for travelers.
  • Wipe down surfaces--seats at airport, arm-rest/tray table on aircraft, etc.
  • Most airlines require face masks but may not provide them. Bring your own masks!
  • Bring your own beverages (and snacks).
  • Plan ahead with pre-packed snacks, and purchase beverage at airport prior to boarding. You may not have beverage service on your flight.
  • Upon landing at destination, remain seated and await crew instructions. Deplaning rules vary by airline and destination

Upon Arrival

  • If being picked up by friends, relatives or associates, arrange a pick-up point outside of the airport building. Non-travelers may not be allowed to enter arrival terminals.
  • Check the car rental agencies’ COVID-19 policies.
  • Wipe down surfaces Disinfect steering wheel, vehicle controls, dashboard, seatbelt release, etc. □ Drive with windows open Allow fresh air to circulate throughout the space.
  • Understand and abide by local COVID-19 protocols.
  • In some locations, you might be subject to quarantine or isolation. Research and familiarize yourself with local and regional restrictions. Check the requirements.
  • Research what’s open, what’s not, and what options are available. Some businesses may have limited hours during the pandemic. Research food options to find out if you can dine in, if outdoor dining is available, and/or if establishments offer contactless delivery.
  • Make your way to rental car counter or ride-sharing and taxi pick up locations as quickly as possible to avoid long lines.

Heading home

  • Understand your home area’s requirements following domestic and/or international travel using CWT Travel Essentials.
  • Wash and sanitize clothing, bags, and work equipment.

Download your complete Return to Travel Checklist.