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At CWT Solutions Group, we attract the brightest minds and expertise to ensure your success. Our data scientists, data analysts, consultants, and business insights experts offer you specialized knowledge and travel services outsourcing.

CWT Solutions Group - Jaclynn


Manager, Asia Pacific

“My passion is supporting my team to help our clients find unique solutions. One particularly fun project was working with a mining company based in APAC on chartered air sourcing.

We conducted a strategic assessment of the client’s program and then worked on a very specialized and tailor-made sourcing process using benchmarking and historical data from other clients. With our methodologies we were able to facilitate a far more competitive RFP process for them than if they had done it on their own.”

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CWT Solutions Group - William 


Senior Consultant, Business Insights, North America

“I’m part of a team that helps solve business problems for clients with annual travel spend of up to $1billion USD. What is special about our service is that we collaborate with clients to design and build reporting models. These models strengthen our ability to interpret results and provide actionable recommendations on travel and expense.

I’m most proud of the relationships I’ve built with my clients and suppliers. Having this network allows me to see new trends, give appropriate guidance, and help drive clients’ programs forward every day – and it makes it enjoyable to do so!”

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CWT Solutions Group - Mallory 


Senior Consultant, EMEA

“I am a dedicated category specialist for a global telecommunications client. With full visibility of the travel program, I am able to give recommendations and take actions that will have a real impact in the company, from supplier negotiations to auditing negotiated fares.

This is something our clients are expecting more and more. They don’t want to spend months negotiating agreements, so the fact we provide dynamic strategies is very exciting. You need to be able to truly understand a company in order to help the business through travel.”

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CWT Solutions Group - Matilde 


Senior Hotel Consultant, North America

“The value we bring to clients is that we can strategically look at their programs from a high level. Combined with our industry knowledge, our forecasts, and the client’s transaction data, we are able to build holistic hotel programs that help avoid costs and drive real value through their program.

We have great access to the hotel suppliers and vendors. And not just vendors that CWT partners with, but an array of vendors globally. Our ability to leverage those relationships sets us apart from our competitors.

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CWT Solutions Group - Anthony 


Outsourced travel manager, EMEA

“Understanding the needs of my client, combined with the knowledge and expertise of CWT means I can provide a valuable service in a timely manner.

One of my best moments was supporting the successful implementation of a pharmaceutical client’s new US-based subsidiary within a short, three month timeframe. We had to work very quickly to help set up the travel agency and make sure everything was ready for go-live. This involved coordinating with multiple stakeholders and efficiently providing answers to all of the travel manager’s questions.”

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