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Tutustu ihmisiin, jotka ovat CWT:n voima ja vahvuus

Asialle omistautuneita ammattilaisia, joiden intohimona on auttaminen.



Meidän ihmisemme huolehtivat teidän ihmisistänne. Yli 18 000 ammattilaistamme pitää huolen siitä, että CWT:n asiakkaat yksin täyttävät 260 Boeing 787-lentokonetta ja noin 100 000 hotellihuonetta vuoden jokaisena päivänä. Työntekijämme elävät ja työskentelevät noin 150 maassa huolehtiakseen yrityksenne matkustuksesta ja matkustajista – missä ikinä olettekaan. Tutustu muutamaan ihmiseen, jotka huolehtivat teidän ihmisistänne.

One of our amazing travel counselors

Meet Frankie

Frankie ZhuFrankie Zhu, a CWT travel counselor in our Shanghai office, takes care of traveling employees’ needs like the professional he is. “Business travel isn’t just about booking flights,” he says. “We’re helping companies make good decisions and the most of their bottom lines.”

Creative Solution Provider

Meet Gill

Gill works closely with potential new clients to find the right M&E solution, ranging from leadership conferences, group travel, through to a full strategic meetings management program. What excites Gill about her role is the diversity of her clients and building personalized relationships.

Putting our customers first every day

Meet Jer

As an important member of our customer-facing team, Jeremiah “Jer” Albrecht is known as a business professional with a finance background. In his role on CWT’s Global Program Services Program Management team, he works as a direct extension of our clients’ travel management teams, making strategic recommendations to help them deliver measureable results to their organizations.

Incredible leadership expertise

Our leaders

CWT’s executive team features leaders from all facets of travel and technology, with combined experience of more than 130 years in travel-related roles. They’ve set a winning strategy our clients and their employees count on to help them keep moving and deliver travel management services that drive bottom-line results.  

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