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A Year in Blogposts

December 23, 2021

One of the more blunt ‘year in review’ articles on a newspaper’s website at the end of 2020 began, “One last time, we look back on this strange year – and then let’s never speak of it again.”  Thankfully, twelve months on we’re no longer relying solely on a dark sense of humour to see us through.

Over half of the world’s population has been vaccinated, families and colleagues have reunited across borders and huge strides have been made towards sustainability, equality and scientific breakthroughs.

2021 may look to have started with a storming of the US capitol and ended with Omicron but beneath the scummy surface of grim headlines, a steady stream of positive news has been bubbling away. Here’s a sample selection: pandas moved off the extinction list , China eliminated malaria, a human mind was wirelessly connected to a computer creating breakthroughs for people living with paralysis, and United flew the first passenger aircraft with 100% sustainable aviation fuel, coinciding with CWT becoming the first travel management company to join leading global companies in the drive toward sustainable aviation.

A review of 2021’s most read blogs revealed three standout themes:

More sustainable travel

Changes to our working lives

Hybrid/virtual events

We published over 100 blogposts in 2021. A January post by our now CEO, Michelle McKinney Frymire, was number one on the ‘most read’ list. It was published at the start of the year, and titled Is this the year the world will finally return to normal? We won’t lie. The mood remains one of uncertainty and the question isn’t entirely retro twelve months on.

In 2022, CWT will celebrate 150 years in travel . Look back at our history of innovation and one wonders what ‘normal’ even means. The leading themes are all indicative of change, the only constant. We may not return to normal but we’ll create new things together, stronger communities and technological advances underpinned by sustainability and wellbeing.

We look forward to sharing trends, insight and interviews with CWT’s subject matter experts and guests in 2022, here on our blog page.

In the meantime, here’s to a new year full of delivered promises, whenever the new year starts for you.


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