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What do we have in common with other companies celebrating 150 years in business?

July 14, 2022


By Paula Batten

text: celebrating 150 years in travel 1872 to 2022

It’s not difficult to do an internet search to discover other companies celebrating 150 years in business throughout 2022.

Diverse companies in motor manufacturing, construction and pest control are celebrating their longevity with a look at the past and how they remain relevant today and tomorrow including Mitsubishi , Sir Robert McAlpine and Octavius Hunt.

Companies and brands come and go. There are some brands we couldn’t imagine being without, imagined they’d be around with us forever, but have fallen by the wayside, having mis-judged the changing marketplace.  What we have in common with others celebrating longevity, is remaining relevant. We’ve adapted our services to meet the expectations of our clients and their traveling employees.

From the launch of the first services of the Compagnie Wagonlit in 1872 to investing in product enhancements  like real-time carbon footprint indicators.  We’ve kept up with market changes to deliver a leading business travel platform for today.  myCWT reflects the expectations of today’s business travelers for services wherever they need them, whenever they need them.  All the while managed according to their employer’s travel program. 

That’s why we’re proud to be celebrating our 150 years in travel. Through our services, we unlock the power of human connection.

Read  more about CWT’s 150 year heritage and how things - from embedded sustainability to the Metaverse – business travel and events are evolving for the future.


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