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NDC Playbook: Distribution dynamics for the future

May 02, 2024

Last year marked the most active year for New Distribution Capability (NDC) at CWT  (and the industry) since the initiative to transform airline retailing launched over a decade ago. 

While at the forefront for many years, the legacy indirect distribution technology and standards have not allowed airlines the flexibility to differentiate products and experiences the same way they can via their websites, direct to customer. This created an imbalanced traveler experience.

NDC has since moved from concept to reality for a large segment of the business travel sector as major airlines and content providers unveiled new NDC content initiatives and capabilities. 

With diverse definitions of NDC readiness, CWT has positioned itself as a trusted advisor for clients, guiding them while outlining a path for early adopters to access NDC content. 

Critical to helping customers navigate the complexities of NDC is our Head of NDC Product, Lee Fulford. Watch Lee discuss with technology company Sabre the experiences and lessons learned in our NDC journey and what the future holds for all players in airline distribution.