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2022: A year in review

December 29, 2022

To simply call 2022 eventful would be an understatement. From geopolitical conflicts and the resulting economic consequences to the passing of one of the longest serving monarchs in history, from Twitter takeovers to slaps and historic world cup wins, this year certainly hasn't been short on stories.  

And as CWT celebrated 150 years in travel, we not only reflected on how far both we and wider travel industry have come, but also looked forward to the future. We are excited to shape and enable the future of travel, a future that will require continued innovation. As the world opened up after the pandemic, CWT rolled out rail and air booking capabilities along with other enhancements to our myCWT platform.  We also teamed up with several companies with innovative and market-leading solutions to help bring additional value to our customers (Wenrix, ZYTLYN, Thrust Carbon). Furthermore 2022 was the year CWT strengthened its finance and strategy leadership teams and celebrated the return of the live award show for the Business Travel Journalism Awards (BTJAs).

In 2022 we published over 100 blogposts exploring many aspects of the travel and meetings industry, including challenges, evolutions in tech and the future trends we have to look forward to. Some of the most prevalent themes included: 

The path to more Sustainable travel

Travel bouncing back 

Wellbeing of travelers 

 Looking to 2023, the good news is that travel is picking up again to pre-pandemic levels, but as CWT and GBTA’s 2023 Global Travel Forecast predicts, “the outlook for the industry is positive, though there are potential risks that could frustrate recovery.” Travel buyers will continue to navigate rising airfares and hotel rates as global inflation pressures continue. Attaining and justifying trip return on investment will be top of travel manager’s agendas, with the added expectation within every corporate travel program and RFP to steadily and meaningfully minimize the environmental impact of business travel.

Next year our blog page will be packed again with the very latest concerning all things business travel and meetings and events, including industry insights, interviews with industry experts, and much more. So, don’t forget to keep checking our blog page and social media channels. 

For now CWT wishes everybody a healthy, happy and successful 2023. See you soon!