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Staying Overnight the Healthy Way

Travelling for business can be an arduous undertaking, particularly when frequently staying overnight in hotels. But there are a host of things travellers can do to maintain some kind of healthy lifestyle, underpinned by a bit of prior planning and thought.  

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Technology Opening up Hotel Market Possibilities

Mega hoteliers might appear to hold all the power since consolidation of chains gave them more leverage. But a clever, innovative travel manager can still achieve savings beyond negotiated rates at the same time as driving compliance to their travel programmes. 

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Extraordinary Museums

Arriving in a new town or city, heading for the hotel and preparing for your meeting is a familiar experience. But for some business travellers, their trip is only complete when they've found a few hours to take in the local museum or two. Here are some of the most extraordinary. 

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The future is green for wonderful Copenhagen

Known for its traditional architecture and first-rate public transport system, the Danish capital, Copenhagen, is as attractive to business travellers as it is to tourists. Even better, it’s also one of the most sustainable cities on the planet.

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Masters of complex travel

Whether it’s related to a helicopter trip to an oil or gas platform or it involves organising an overnight stay in Arctic Canada, CWT’s Energy, Resources and Marine (ERM) is the go-to company for the world’s biggest production firms. We discover what ERM does, how it does it and why it does it so well.

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Get spend visibility with CWT Travel Consolidator

CWT Travel Consolidator produces accurate figures for the total cost of a business trip, with potential savings of up to 7%.

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Peace of Mind

Quieter engines on more efficient aircraft still don’t reduce noise to nothing and anyway, that is only once travellers have boarded; they still have to fight their way through a tumultuous airport and emerge sane and triumphant. These days, however, there is a range of noise-cancelling devices that helps soothe the traveller’s weary way.

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Travel Troubles

For all companies time and money are precious commodities. But your people are your most valuable asset. How do you ensure they stay safe, stress-free and successful on business trips? You call in the experts.

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The Future of Flying

Innovations have long been a feature of aviation technology. With the pace of change increasing, digital developments promise an exciting transformation in air travel for passengers.

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