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Corporate travel services working for a smoother return to travel

A valuable hotel program should be one that employees want to use, while meeting your strategic objectives and savings goals. Objectives that might include sustainability, cleanliness, and traveler satisfaction. That’s a win-win for your organization. RoomIt’s expert consulting team blends data, unparalleled knowledge and proprietary technology to help you achieve this. Rigorous program audits and analyses continually ensure your hotel program always meets your needs globally, regionally and locally.

Meet Pauline Robin:
Living close to our RoomIt offices in Chicago, Pauline is a native French speaker but is also fluent in English and Italian.

Pauline Robin

She’s been a RoomIt team member since CWT launched its dedicated hotel division 5 years ago. She’s now responsible for RoomIt’s consulting services globally, supporting clients with the development of efficient hotel programs that deliver value to both your business and employees.

Pauline believes that collaboration and transparency are key to success, and always ensures that her team’s analysis, findings, recommendations, actions and results are systematically and clearly discussed with clients. With a degree in chemistry and experience as a consultant, she blends research, analysis and production to her leadership in hotel program strategy.

Achieving savings

Covid created an uncertain market, with fluctuating rates, changing the hotel sourcing landscape like never before. In the face of very low demand, hotels proposed a dual-rate approach to clients, combining fixed rates carried over from the previous year with dynamic pricing as a way of accessing lower market-driven rates. RoomIt’s recommendation was to enter into negotiation. Approximately 50% of our clients chose this approach, saving themselves as much as 8% versus the previous year, with rates re-set for the future. 
*Source: RoomIt Hotel Solutions 2021 hotel program negotiations.

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More ways we can help your hotel program

Bringing a consumer grade recommendation engine to Online Booking Tools (OBTs), Intelligent Display uses machine learning to promote contextually relevant and policy compliant hotels and rates to travelers.

Derek Sharp, Chief Operating Officer of RoomIt: “Throughout the pandemic, we’ve concentrated on creating solutions to solve the travel manager’s biggest challenges. Out-of-channel bookings.” 

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